A former board member of the Nigeria Basketball Federation, Col. Sam Ahmedu in an interview accused the Nigerian female Basketball team of behaving like children, saying the team should have done better in treating the backlogs of allowances and bonuses the federation and the ministry is owing them, than trying to bring Musa Kida’s led NBBF administration into disrepute.

D’Tigress of Nigeria publicly expressed their unhappiness to be owed as far back as 2018 in a video that surfaced about 2 weeks ago, and demand the monies be paid before the 2022 FIBA World preparation, with threats to boycott the competition if they are not paid.

Featuring on ARISE TV, Col. Sam Ahmedu called D’Tigress children, saying the protests are politically sponsored.

“I am against athletes allowing themselves to be used for political reasons, let me tell you why, what these girls have done, they have behaved like a child whose father promised a candy, and the father failed to give him/her the candy the child has decided to burn down the house, that is what these girls has done, and i am very disappointed, because i feel like they are more enlightened than this, they should requested to be paid, than trying to bring Nigeria basketball down.”

Ezinne Kalu on her path debunked claims that the 73,118 dollars owed where promises made by Kida, Adaora Elonu mentioned nothing has been done to attend to their requests, as things stands.

“I believe that statement is false, we haven’t received any money to our knowledge, the money that NBBF owes and the money that the ministry for sports owes us are different monies, we hoped that the ministry of sports would hold Musa Kida accountable for owing us.”