Hawk-Eye has informed Fifa that its system for automatically detecting offsides is “ready to go” and will be used at the Club World Cup next year and the World Cup in 2022.

Fifa is expected to present the latest results of the system’s tests at a meeting of the International FA Board’s (Ifab) technical and football panels tomorrow.

Hawk-system Eye’s gives an instant message to the video assistant referee (VAR), who will decide whether the player who has been spotted as being offside is interfering with play.

Following a “comprehensive” tender procedure, Hawk-Eye was also chosen to provide Goal Line Technology for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Following a successful trial at a top-flight team, the Premier League announced earlier this year that it is one step closer to utilizing automated technology to decide offside situations.

HawkEye’s’skeletal player tracking system,’ which has achieved success with goal-line technology in football, sends a quick message to the referee instead of the protracted periods generally associated with VAR inspections.

Match officials would still have to evaluate whether the offside player was interfering with play, but unlike with VAR, they wouldn’t have to draw offside lines.- It will be in force next summer for Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

The League’s intention was first reported by Sportsmail in October 2019 as they were said to be looking towards using limb-tracking technology to offer instant offsides calls.

The method has been successfully trialed at a Premier League club for the past year, and it will be implemented next season by Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

Assistant referees were being chastised for keeping their flags down while waiting for a VAR review at the end of a phase of play, and Premier League executives told Sportsmail in March that they backed the Hawkeye system’s quick response.