After the Los Angeles Lakers blew a 26-point lead against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel has reiterated his unhappiness to the result.

Vogel said he’s not happy with the way his team played against OKC. After the game, he mentioned that they cannot allow a team to get back into the game and lose their focus and intensity, regardless of the situation.

You can’t ever take your foot off the gas against anyone.”

Fans called out the Lakers for their poor and sloppy performance against the Thunder, asking questions about their complacency during the game.

The fact that the Lakers had 2 superstars on the court and still blew such a big lead does not sit right with fans of the Lakers.

Westbrook was unhappy with Darius Bazley’s last-second steal and dunk to seal the game, and he called him out for what he felt was unsportsmanlike conduct. But there is no denying that Westbrook’s 10 turnovers against his former team were a big part of why the Lakers lost the game.