Donovan Mitchell wasn’t happy after getting ejected from the Utah Jazz-Indiana Pacers on Thursday night. The shooting guard was one of four players ejected from the match after Rudy Gobert and Myles Turner went at it.

The Jazz and Pacers’ centers clashed after exchanging a couple of hits. Turner allegedly hit Gobert in the head while going for a block, then Rudy pull his uniform, bringing him to the ground, which led Turner to bump into him. The Frenchman grabbed him in a bear hug and the game stopped, with both teams taking the court.

In the end, Gobert (instigator, second technical), Turner (contact with a referee), Joe Ingles (third man in and also contacted a referee) and Donovan Mitchell (who was hot and would not cool down). Spyda’s ejection was strange, to say the least, and he wasn’t happy with the officiating after the game.

Mitchell blamed the referees for the whole situation, saying they let the game be too physical, leading to the Gobert-Turner incident.

“It’s really at a point now where the refs are letting it get out of hand. Have this energy in the first quarter,” Mitchell said after the match.

Even if that’s true, Gobert was the one that started the whole thing. Turner fired back and that’s when things went wrong.

This week, the NBA has seen two altercations. First, Nikola Jokic and Markieff Morris exchanged cheap shots on the court, unchaining a curious series of events that included Jokic’s brothers warning Marcus Morris for ‘threatening’ The Joker.

Now, Gobert and Turner starred in another controversial moment. Neither player threw a punch, but things got really heated between them and their teammates. The league needs to address this unless it becomes more common. The weird foul calls are out, but now we’re seeing more physical confrontations on the court.