Toluwalase Emmanuel Arokodare netted a second – half perfect hat-trick for Amiens in their Coupe de France win against ES Anzin on Saturday evening at the Stade Degouve.

The 20-year-old striker needed just 13 minutes to grab his first competitive hat-trick for Les Licornes’, scoring with a thumping header, a well placed right-foot strike and completed the set with a left-foot finish inside the box.

After a goalless first half, Philippe Hinschberger’s side rallied in the second half and got rewarded for their efforts with five goals.

Nigerian Tolu Arokodare opened the scoring in the 52nd minute after connecting with a well whipped corner kick from Jessy Benet with a header, to open the scoring for the visitors.

Seven minutes later, he brilliantly scored from close range with his right-foot.

He then completed his hat-trick with a tidy left-footed strike from inside the box in the 65th minute.

Les Licornes’ had no intention of letting the game drift away, Senegalese Formose Mendy and Eddy Gnahore scored respectively to extend the lead to five.

It has been a long time coming , but logic is respected. We got a lot of opportunities, from the first half and ended up breaking the lock in the second half.”

“We didn’t panic, we knew that the difference would eventually be made over 90 minutes. We had to be patient, not to lose track.”

“Our opponent deserves a lot of respect, that’s why we played the game to the end. It will also do good to our attackers to have scored goals, it’s good for their confidence and the future. Now, we don’t ignite, we remain humble. It’s a game that must be used for Le Havre.” Amiens goalkeeper Thuram-Ulien Yohan said.