Fans have been left stunned at the charging of £18.05 for a double bacon cheeseburger at Arsenal.

The social media has been recently flooded with photos of the food and menu and fans who have seen this have been left mortified at the price at which supporters are charged to get the snack.

From the menu, the cheeseburger costs £14.30 and it’s fries to accompany costs £3.75 which brings the total to £18.05.

For this singular reason, comments have flooded the social media, with one fan saying; “Someone saw the price and still f*g paid it.”

Another Twitter user wrote; “Fk me, who cooked it? Gordon Ramsay? Salt Bae? Also, is the cow gold plated or summit? Fk me, them prices aren’t steep, they’re vertical.”

And a third tweeted: “For £18.05, I want to be eating that in the dressing room, listening to the half-time team-talk before heading up to my heated seat in the directors’ box.”

Someone else posted: “For £18.05, you could buy 85 [per cent] of football clubs in Scotland.”

While a fifth added: “The reason they do it is because they know people will pay it. Attention all football fans: please eat something before you go to the match!”

Meanwhile Arteta’s Arsenal continued their good run of form by beating high flying Westham 2-0 on Wednesday night at the Emirates.

The Gunners occupy the fourth spot on the league standings.