Starting from the 2024 edition, South American nations are set to be included in the UEFA Nations League.

This is according to UEFA vice-president Zbigniew Boniek and it is believed to be a counter-move against the already brought forward plan of staging the World Cup every two years by FIFA.

Both parties (UEFA & CONMEBOL) have signed a Memorandum of Understand in which they are committed to the opening of a shared office in London.

In an interview with Meczyki, former head of Polish FA Boniek said; “This is the last UEFA Nations league in this format. We had a meeting with CONMEBOL, the confederation from South American countries, from 2024 teams from this continent will join the competition. In what formats will it be? we are still working on it the shadow of matches for the national teams is restricted so you can’t mix it up too much.”

All ten teams in the region will join their European counterparts as the top six nations will be added to League A while League B will accommodate the remaining four. This means we will get to see blockbuster games as League A will pit sides like Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil,Spain, France, Italy, Belgium against each other.

With FIFA yet to plan the international match calendar from 2024 onwards, it is yet to see if the world football governing body will be able to go ahead with their plans of staging a bi-annual World Cup tournament, its qualifiers alongside Euros and other continental tourneys.

The first dance of the UEFA-CONMEBOL partnership is the first ‘Finalissima’ which has been confirmed to be played between the winners of UEFA European Championship and the Copa America. The game has been billed for June 1, 2022 and it will be between Italy and Argentina, the game will be hosted by a stadium in London.

The last Nations League was was won by ‘Les Bleus’ of France.