Come 2027, both Milan clubs won’t be playing in the 95-year-old Guisseppe Meaza Stadium popularly known as San Siro.

The stadium is inspired by the design of two of Milan’s most famous buildings, the Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and will become the homeground of Inter and AC Milan in 2027.

The project is named ‘The Cathedral’ and will be built by an architecture firm known as ‘Populous’, the firm who designed the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, Emirates Stadium and Wembley Stadium.

The Cathedral will be built next to the existing Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, which will mostly be demolished or at least turned into a smaller arena for women’s football and youth teams to play in.

Since the area of the city is called San Siro, the new stadium would still technically be San Siro.

Overview of the Cathedral

While the final project will be presented in 2022, the new arena will be expected to have a capacity of about 65,000 which is a reduction to the 80,000 currently existing in the San Siro.

According to AC Milan president, Paolo Scaroni, the new stadium ‘will facilitate the growth of the clubs and their global competitiveness’.

“The new San Siro will be the most beautiful stadium in the world for its strong identity and recognisability. An attractive arena, accessible and sustainable for the city of Milan that will facilitate the growth of the clubs and their global competitiveness,” said AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni.

According to the project’s prospectus, the arena will be ‘the most intimate in Europe, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before and creating an unforgettable atmosphere.’

“A sunlit galleria encircles the stadium enveloped by an elegant glass façade, providing a democratic space for all supporters and the citizens of Milano. Here, a wide-ranging offer of food and beverage outlets inspired by the world-renowned food culture of Milano, lounge spaces and bars cater for all visitors while celebrating the unique culture of Milano.

The Cathedral has been designed to create a unique home for the fans and supporters of AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano, with bespoke installations that dramatically change the appearance of the architecture and incorporate the clubs’ unique identities into the building fabric. For Inter Milan, a coiled viper of blue light wraps itself around the stadium; while for AC Milan, the vertical buttresses glow a smouldering red emanating from the depths of the building.

The stadium is designed to be the most sustainable stadium in Europe. The galleria is naturally cooled and passively heated, photovoltaic panels line the stadium roof to generate electricity that is stored in battery banks for later use, and all rainwater is collected from the roof and reused. The stadium is surrounded by 22 acres of green space, which reduce water runoff and counteract the ‘heat island’ effect. The entire district is connected to a central heating and cooling system.”

The Cathedral Prospectus

The San siro will be demolished after the opening ceremony of the 2026 winter olympics and by 2027 ‘The Cathedral’ will be in place.

The news of a new Stadium has however been welcomed with open arms by Milano fans some of whom labelled it as the best news they’ve heard in the last 10 years.

The San Siro Stadium ever since it’s construction in 1926 has housed AC Milan while Inter joined them to also become tenants in 1947 after leaving the Arena Civica