Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick has rallied for improvements in his side’s performance.

This came after a 1-0 painful loss to Wolves at Old Trafford on Monday night.

The Reds failed to take control of the game at any point and were punished by a Joao Moutinho 82nd-minute strike.

“The game showed we still have a lot of work to do and still have to take quite a few steps, both collectively and individually, especially against the ball, but in the first half in particular, in possession of the ball, there were too many unforced errors, too many giveaways,” Rangnick told reporters.

“In those parts of the game, we just have to get better. I don’t want to speak about individual performances of players, it is an issue of the whole team.” The former Leipzig boss added.

The loss was the first of his tenure and it Wolves’ first league win at Old Trafford since 1980.

The German tactician has now called for improvements from his side:
“We can only improve the team if we get better collectively. It doesn’t make sense now to talk about individual performances.” He said.

“We just need to find a better balance within our team, defensively and offensively.” He concluded.

Had it been they won, Man United would have remained sixth or possibly go up to the fifth spot (if they won by a 3-goal margin) but their loss saw them pass that chance as they now occupy the seventh spot.

Up next for Rangnick’s pressing monsters is a trip to Aston Villa at the Villa Park.