The Pharaohs of Egypt have delayed their departure to Cameroon for the 33rd Africa Cup of Nations after cases of corona virus were reported in their camp.

They were due to leave for the French speaking nation today but will now depart on Saturday.

“Unprecedented times. The more the situation becomes difficult, the more we stay together and strong,” coach Carlos Queiroz tweeted.

“Better we stand together and focus on what we need to do to meet the challenges,” Queiroz added.

“Dear Friends and Team Mates, we all pray for your health, wishing fast recovery and return to our Team.”

The opening ceremony of the Nations Cup will on take place on the 9th of January, 2022.

Egypt will square off against Nigeria in their first Group game on the 11th of January, 2022.

The authorities however did not reveal the number of cases and identities of those who have tested positive.

Egypt are not the first nation to have cases of COVID-19 with Gabon reporting that they’ve two positive cases in their team.

Mikael Dyrestam, Morlaye Sylla and Seydouba Soumah were also left at the training base of Guinea in Rwanda due to the trio testing positive.

Other nations to have reported cases of positive COVID-19 results are Cape Verde,Gambia and Tunisia.