Physical and well being of an individual can be categorized into basic areas of education which are the health education and physical education.

These two forms of learning form basis part of human life and growth which can’t be ignored. To get the best of the two, expertise are needed to guide and direct.

Since, health and physical behavior plays a major role in a person’s overall well-being, they are both learned and amenable to change and usually begins when a child is most flexible i.e in primary school.

In Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport (OVYS) is ready to take the bull by the horn. The organization which aimed at getting the best out of youths through sport is taking physical and health education to private schools.

Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport Sets To Breath Life Into Fighting Sport In Nigeria

According to its President, Dolapo Preboye, physical and health education are taught in schools but sometimes without the experts. “At our side, we have the experts to give a proper education to students about physical and health education that will facilitates their development”, the OVYS Director said.

“It’s part of learning, it’s part of the growth of human life and it’s sport also so you can say its life as well. Imbibing it into kids especially at an early age is an advantage towards their development.

“Physical and health education is probably a bit underated in this part of the world but sport actually starts from there. In the hey days, it is a compulsion to schools and that helped many to develop a lot and stars were created.

“We want to bring it back and set the standard once again, you can’t delete this in human being”, Dolapo enthused further.

It comes with a wide range of benefits such as improved physical fitness, skill and motor skills development, regular and healthful physical activity, self discipline, decision making and moral development, leadership and facilitation of students development via health and fitness.

“Even the teachers and the society at large has got a lot to gain through these program.

“With the experts at our disposal, the students, schools are definitely getting the very best”, he concluded.

Oduduwa Youth Valley Sport is also set to begin the Private Schools Football Competition amongst boys and girls between the ages of 3 – 18 years by February, 2022.

Great time in the city of Ibadan, the pace is set already!