The emergence of Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport (OVYS) in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria might be the platform many sport enthusiasts have been looking for.

The Dolapo Preboye led organization has concealed a plan to transform grassroots sports across the nation. The stars are never raised from the top.

Just like Rome was never built in a day and skyscraper can be built from the apex, to build, a foundation is first needed. One of the foundation of achieving great success in grassroots sport development is schools sport.

Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport Sets To Breath Life Into Fighting Sport In Nigeria

If school sports is dead before now, then the arrival of Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport (OVYS) is about to resuscitate it. Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport is set to organize various sporting activities amongst private schools involving boys and girls between the ages of 3-18 in the city of Ibadan.

The sporting events are football, swimming, basketball, tennis, table tennis, track and field and squash.

Sport is not properly organized at the public and private sector, hence, there is a need to provide a proper organization and platform for the kids to soar”, OVYS President, Dolapo Preboye said.

These are just part of the process to inject sports and kids together. This will be the second edition as we earlier had the football summer in 2021.

Other sports are coming into play because talents are not limited to football alone. Schools, parents and the students have all welcome this initiative“, Dolapo enthused.

We are here to provide sporting activities for private schools located across the six Southwestern States of Nigeria“, he further said.

In a bit to have an appropriate and well organized event, participating schools will be divided into two zones; Bodija and Oluyole Estate.

Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport Takes Physical and Health Education To Schools

The Bodija axis will cover Bodija, Ikolaba, Moniya, Jericho and Akobo while the Oluyole Estate axis will cover Oluyole, Jericho, Iyaganku, Challenge and Akala Express.

The Oluyole Estate zone will kick off by February 5, 2022 while the Bodija zone will kick of by March 5, 2022.It will run for (10-12) weeks with training and match days taking place majorly on Saturdays.

Some of the selected venues to host these events are the Ibadan Recreation Club, Kankanfo Inn, Bodija International College, Oakview College and Pathfinder College.