Oduduwa Valley Youth Sport has concluded its plan to include leisure and tourism as part of its programs for the year 2022.

The organization which was set up with the main goal of inculcating youths and sport together is looking into another dimension to develop youths.

Having set up the Oduduwa Fighting Championship (OFC), which is a boxing and mix martial arts event, Oduduwa Physical and Health Education Services, Sporting Activities amongst private schools that includes seven sporting events, Oduduwa Valley Youth Leisure And Recreational activities is the latest to be added to the pool an already loaded contents.

Youth tourism, culture and history, field trip, day and overnight camp organization are all part of the goal to add value to the lives of the youth in the region while keeping to an international standard and framework”, Dolapo Preboye, OVYS founder said.

We strongly believe that the more the youth of the region feel a sense of community, the better the development of that community will be in all regards to the future, with proper guidance.

With the lack of public parks and athletic parks provided by the federal and system government (land use/zoning) along with the lack of conducive and safe green space in private schools and the region as a whole, compared to a 1st world country.

We believe providing these services for children in the region, will enable the youth to be able to compete with the children of 1st world countries around the world regarding lifestyle and extracurricular activities, which is impressive to the development of the youth of a nation“, he concluded.