Scorpions of Gambia and FC Zurich striker, Assan Ceesay, has praised his team’s outing at the 33rd Africa Cup of Nations.

The West African nation made history by qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations. The Cameroon 2021 AFCON is the first continental tournament they’d be playing in.

They however took AFCON by storm with them getting to the round of eight, a feat countries like Ghana, Algeria and Nigeria couldn’t achieve.

After getting knocked out by host Cameroon, the 27-year-old was asked if he was proud of his team’s performance and how would he rate himself at this tournament.

“That is football, I scored the goal that brought us here and I’m proud that other players showed themselves to the world.

“But as for me,, it wasn’t a good tournament for me and I’d take it in good fate because that’s football. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it bad for you. But I know what I can do and I believe in myself.

“I will make a return to my club and score my goals as I used to score and that’s the most-important thing “.

He was also asked about his team’s fairytale at the Cameroon 2021 and if they can make it to the tournament in successive years.

“We hope so, it’s not going to be easy because many counties will not underrate us as they think we’re a better team now.

“It’s going to be difficult but we’d continue to stay as a group and a family and also try to fight for the nation, hopefully we’ll come back to the AFCON. “