Jose Mourinho has been suspended from the Serie A for two matches.

The verdict was handed down on Tuesday after he was sent off in Roma’s Serie A tie with Verona for a furious stoppage-time outburst at the referee.

Mourinho yelled at referee Luca Pairetto and pretended to make a phone call, an inexplicable action that resulted in a red card.

Mourinho, according to Italian media, was dissatisfied with the amount of time added at the end of Saturday’s game, in which Roma came back from a two-goal deficit to tie 2-2.

Roma are now six points behind Juventus, who are in fourth place in the Champions League.

The move was interpreted by Italian media as a challenge to the referee’s independence.

Pairetto’s father was implicated in the Calciopoli refereeing incident in 2006, and his brother is a Juventus executive.

At the end of the game, Mourinho grabbed the match ball and kicked it away. He subsequently skipped his post-match media responsibilities, choosing to “go home and have a great meal,” as he stated on Instagram.

Mourinho “went to the fourth official and made significant insinuations about the referee,” according to the sports judge.

The “insinuations” were repeated in the tunnel on the way to the changing room, according to the judge.

Mourinho was also fined 20,000 euros ($22,660) by the judge.

Tiago Pinto, Roma’s general manager, was also suspended until March 8 for making “severe insinuations” to the referee, however his punishment was lowered because he afterwards “apologised.”

In 2010, when he was at Inter Milan, Mourinho mimed handcuffs at a referee during a match against Sampdoria. He was suspended for three matches.