World boxing heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk has announced his intentions to help his homeland Ukraine fight against Russia’s invasion. 

On Tuesday, he revealed that he had returned to Ukraine and was ready to defend his country against Russia’s invasion.

Usyk when asked why he had returned said:

 “What do you mean, why? It’s my duty (to fight); to defend my home, my family; I have to do this”.

The 35-year-old pugilist told CNN from a basement in Kyiv that he did not want to hurt anyone, but that he would not hesitate to take whatever steps were necessary to protect himself and his loved ones.

“My soul belongs to the Lord, and my body and my honor belong to my country — to my family. So there is no fear. Absolutely no fear!” Usyk affirmed his confidence.

Usyk’s last fight was in September 2021, when he defeated Anthony Joshua in a majority decision to become world heavyweight champion.

Vitali Klitschko, who is a former world heavyweight champion and current Mayor of Kiev, spoke to CNN on Tuesday saying he was pleased to see Ukrainians standing up to defend their country, calling it a struggle for their future.