Paris Saint Germain Sporting director, Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo in his lengthy interview with revealed PSG was never in contact with Zinedine Zidane.

The former Brazilian and Inter Milan manager also discussed the future of manager Mauricio Pochettino who has a year left on his contract with the Ligue One leaders.

“Right now, he still has a year left on his contract. Honestly, we’ve never thought about changing managers. We’ve never contacted Zidane or anyone else. Before coming here, Pochettino was always among the top five managers and he’s still there.

“You can see his progression, even if a lot of things have happened. I see him as being increasingly committed, because over time you become more familiar with your surroundings.

Leornado said the former Tottenham gaffer did had some moments of doubts after arriving in France.

Pochettino received a lot of criticism months after taking the job in Paris.

“I think he had a few moments of doubt, but he’s never asked to leave. He might have gone through some difficult times, in February or March [of last year], when he had Covid-19. Then, over the summer, there were rumours of him leaving. He’s said that no club reached out to him and we haven’t been contacted either.

There are rumours linking Pochettino to the Manchester United job. According to ESPN , Manchester United’s football director John Murtough has been leaning on legendary United manager Sir Alex Ferguson for advice, who is a keen advocate of their approach for Pochettino.