Quicky Promes who is being prosecuted for the attempted murder of his cousin, has admitted that he stabbed his cousin in three different conversations with family members according to Nieuwsuur.

The 30-year-old forward in conversations with his father, mother and aunt were tapped by the police without his knowledge.

“There are certain people for whom I will kill”, the Dutchman said.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in the Netherlands suspects Quincy Promes that he stabbed his cousin in the knee on 25 July 2020 after a family party in Aboude. Promes was playing for Ajax then.

Promes denied the case, but new evidence shows the facts in black and white. Transcripts – distributed by Nieuwsuur – of conversations between Promes and his father clearly state that he wanted to stab his cousin to death.

Shortly after the incident, he called his father: “Why are you jumping for that cousin of yours? You saved his life.

His father replied, “Quincy, I don’t want you to get in trouble.” To which Promes lashes out: “Otherwise I’ll kill him, don’t you understand?”

Not much later, Promes also called his mother and aunt. His mother tells him that he hit his cousin in the knee and was taken to hospital. “Then he’s lucky”, Promes said.

In a conversation with his aunt he asks for forgiveness, although “he couldn’t resist, because he doesn’t let anyone steal from him”.

A few hours later that night, Promes calls his father again to try to gain understanding. “I still had an apple to pick with him,” the international said.

“My loyalty is to my aunt: whoever pecks from her, I kill. Whoever pecks from you, I kill. Whoever pecks from my mother, I kill. There are certain people in the family I kill for,” he said.

Although Promes goes a step further: “You are lucky that I no longer walk with a firearm, because otherwise it would have been even worse.

The telephone conversations leave little to the imagination. The nephew’s lawyer thinks so, too. According to him, that is reason enough to bring the case under “attempted murder”.

“I see in the taps, but also in witness statements, reason to assume that there has been premeditation,” the lawyer said.