CryptoShrimps is a collection of 7520 unique Shrimps, living on the Avalanche Blockchain. 🔺

Our mission is simple, becoming the next shirt sponsors of a professional English football club, Morecambe FC.

We want to use the NFT /Web 3.0 world and community to have real impact on tangible things : We want to bring funds to the club for its development and, in return, offer unique benefits to our holders.

We aren’t a part of the club, we are a supporter movement built to support the club.

Morecambe FC

Morecambe FC is a professional English club created the 7 May 1920 (hence the 7520 NFTs) playing in League One — 3rd Division.

We took inspiration from their logo and visual identity to build our NFTs, around the shrimp.

New Logo of MFC — Our Visual — Previous Logo of MFC

The Genesis

Our journey begins in 2012. We were just two roommates, studying IT and so we spent our days playing FIFA. It was from there that we discovered Morecambe FC and started to follow the team.

In 2015, we bought our first jersey, and in 2019 we finally attended our first match. It was certainly the most incredible human experience we have ever had. We had the chance to visit the stadium, to meet the players and coaches, and we spent the day and evening with the supporters. The welcome we received from them was so incredible that, since that day, we have been determined to get involved within the club.

From that moment, we have followed Morecambe’s games closely, and we are proud to support the club through our Lifetime membership of the Supporters’ Association.

The founders of CryptoShrimps with Barry Roche and Kevin Ellison — 2019

In April 2021, the idea of supporting the club through a NFT project emerged. We launched our first Discord and started working on the project. However, the initial work was not conclusive. We didn’t have enough resources to make the NFTs useful, and we decided to take the time to gather resources and develop the idea.

October 2021, the machine was launched. We had enough ideas that can create value for the club and for our holders.
We contacted the club’s management to validate the feasibility of our idea, i.e. the possibility of becoming the club’s shirt sponsor with money raised through a collection of NFTs, and we quickly got the green light.

If you don’t read until the end, at least you will have seen our shrimps

Project Description

Our main objective is to sign a shirt sponsorship contract with Morecambe FC.

Why a sponsorship contract ? We believe that this is a good way to support a club, while bringing benefits to the holders: VisibilityCredibility and Sponsor Status. There is also a very concrete side to being displayed on the club’s shirt !

To ensure the success of our mission, we have decided to allocate a very large part of our income to the contract.

But we want to go further. We want to use the Web 3.0 world, and its innovations to impact the real world. We know that this sponsorship deal could be an opportunity for the club to grow and improve its sustability, and that is what motivates us.

Curious to know more ? You might be interested in our Discord, Twitter and Website.

Money Repartition

We will have two phases and two different distributions of money.

The first is the mint sale, or initial sale. And the second part of the revenue will be generated in the second market, when sales are made, we will apply 5% royalties.

Let’s deep dive in these expenditure categories :

  • Sponsorship Contract : 70%

This category includes of course the shirt sponsorship contract, but could also take other forms. We’ve also discussed the placement of perimeter advertising (on the edge of the pitch), in match programmes etc…

  • Project Development : 20%

This category contains reimbursement of costs incurred for the implementation of the project: Payment of service providers (graphics, website, smartcontract, community management, marketing…) and to pay project staff.

  • Community : 10%

We will use this money to animate the project, offer recurring giveaways or develop new project features.

Royalties Revenues

We will find the same categories, but with another repartition, as displayed below.

Money Repartition for royalties revenues

Unlocking Features and Roadmap

Depending on the percentage of sales we achieve, we will be able to develop more or less features around the project. But we have made it a point of honour to reach our main objective, which is the shirt sponsorship contract, as soon as possible!

That’s why we can announce that, at 25% of mint, we will already be able to enter in negotiation with the club!

At 50% of mint, we will have enough funds to launch a score prediction competition and to organise recurrent giveaways, which will include official shirts of course. The objective is to animate and to link the community around the club’s news and to bring people together.

When we reach 75% of sales, we will commission the development of a mobile application. The idea is to make more accessible the exclusive media contentthat we will be able to produce, as well as the mini-games and competitions, notably the score prediction challenge.

And finally, when we sell out, we will have the possibility to launch our most ambitious feature ! We want to create a virtual museum of the club to allow fans abroad to get to know the history of the club without having to travel.

We are currently thinking of developing this on the Kalao platform, which offers customisable galleries that could do the job. We are also keeping an eye on the development of the Kalao citadel, as we would like to make this space a place of meeting and exchange, where our holders could for example buy club merchandising, exclusive merchandising (autographed shirts…), watch matches live etc…

Roadmap of our project

Not all of the released features will be launched at the same time, so the roadmap above shows you the order we want to give to developments. 
We have globally one development per quarter, the idea is not to make promises we can’t keep, and to deliver on time!

The Utility — Why should I buy a CryptoShrimp ?

This is one of the things we have been thinking about the most: How do we create value for our holders? 
The first answer is provided directly by the sponsorship contract:

  1. Attractivity and visibility.

Our aim is to make this project a proof by example of what NFTs can bring to the world and the real economy. 
We are therefore relying on our pioneering status to get the project discussed in the media and in the football world.

Visibility will also be provided by the location where our logo will be displayed. We are targeting the two most interesting spots on the shirt (Front or Back), as they are the most visible and secondly, they are systematically reproduced on the FIFAvideo game.

So we will have a potential exposure to over 9 million players worldwide 🎮

As explained before, we will also discuss other ways of promoting the project, such as advertising on the edge of the pitch, advertisements on the stadium’s giant screen, advertising in the match programmes…

Intrinsic value

A more direct lever of value creation is induced by the 10% of our revenues that we will reserve for the community and the different accesses that will be open to our holders.

These are the different value levers we have:

a. Physical counterparts to win at the mint

We will have 3 types of special NFT, which will allow you to win :

  • Home or away jerseys
  • Lifetime memberships to the supporters club (Shrimps Trust)
  • An all-inclusive trip with the project team to Morecambe

We will detail this in the “Graphic elements” section below

— — — — — — —

b. Rewards to be won in the score prediction challenge

We will, of course, be awarding weekly, monthly and seasonal prizes for the various competitions we will be organising, in order to reward the most active members!

— — — — — — —

c. Access to exclusive media content and merchandising

We are currently negotiating the possibility of obtaining press access so that we can have an “insider” and offer you exclusive media content
This content will be accessible via the mobile application when available, and will allow you to keep up to date with the club in a new way. 
We would also like to give you the possibility to ask your own questions, to offer you interactive and personalised interviews, and thus create the first steps of a 3.0 supporter experience.

In addition to this, we would like to offer you exclusive, official or branded CryptoShrimps merchandising.

We would like to make it possible for you to purchase autographed jerseys each season and to bring even more value to the NFTs.

— — — — — — —

d. Access to a privatized space in the Metaverse

Our ultimate goal is to provide you a unique supporter experience, and that means using all the innovations at our disposal.
To do this, the space we want to develop in the metaverse will have to be privatised or at least privatisable, so that we can limit access to our supporters for the events we will organise there:

Sale of exclusive merchandising in the form of auctions, broadcasting of matches, and football-related events in general!

Community and Adventure

The final reason to join us may simply be thelove of football, the community of supporters, and the desire to help us in this crazy adventure. 
We believe, as do all the members of our community, that by gathering for something bigger than ourselves, we can have a real impact on this club, and that we can live an incredible human adventure. 
One of our goals is of course to meet up in Morecambe to celebrate our success, to see the impact we have had and to enjoy the sense of pride of having created a revolutionary movement in the sports world.

Graphic Elements

We created our collection with the intention of including a whole range of references. You will find 3 main families of references: References to the city and people of Morecambe, References to England andelements of the football world.

Some NFTs will give the right to claim a physical gift immediately.

You will have 4 Gifts available :

  • Top Left : Home Shirt
  • Top Right : Away Shirt
  • Bottom Left : VIP Experience
  • Bottom Right : Lifetime Membership
The referee is there to make it look good

We will give the possibility to the holder of those tokens to claim (or not) the associated prize. We will take into account any gifts claimed, so that you can resell the NFTs WITH the associated unclaimed gift.

You will then be able to receive a home or away shirt (with our beautiful logo as a sponsor of course).

What is a Lifetime Membership ?

We will offer you a Lifetime Membership to the official supporters club of Morecambe FC : The Shrimps Trust.

This will give you access to annual merchandisingdiscounts on many shops, a monthly lottery where you can win many prizes. It is also a way for us to support them and show our support!

What is VIP Experience ?

This is probably the biggest item in the collection. There should be only 5 VIP Experience tickets in the whole collection.
They will allow you to live the full experience with us, we will offer you transport, hotel, game seat so you can experience Morecambe for FREE.

You will meet the project team, the supporters and all the people that matter to us, and we will try to make you live what we experienced going to Morecambe for the first time.

A lot of references to England and Morecambe here !

Our Team

The Founding Team is composed of three childhood friends : JiliefTomashe and JeanRabiot.

They were soon joined by Astou, who acts as a graphic designer.

We can also mention the following members, in their order of recruitment

  • Kelly AKA Bananass was in charge of UX/UI Design
  • Zaitsev our moderator (among others things because she does a bit of everything)
  • BigMom is in charge of commercial relations
  • Artkore our dear Community Manager
  • DHG working on the Smartcontract