Manchester United midfielder, Paul Labile Pogba has agreed that he plays better for the French National team than his club side, Manchester United.

Speaking in an interview with Le Figaro, the Paris born midfielder was asked whether he plays better for France than his club side and why.

First, I agree with this statement. It’s the truth. Here (with France), I have a lot more playing time, the system is different than with my club. In fact, it is simple, with Les Bleus, I play, and, on top of that, in my position.

“I know my role, I feel the confidence of the coach, the players. It is normal, to feel this difference with Manchester, because it is difficult to be consistent when you change position often, also the playing style or who you are playing with.”

Speaking further, the World Cup winner acknowledged he gets on very well with the French National team coach, and that has helped him improve a lot.

“It is not just that. I get on very well with the manager (Deschamps), he’s given me a role that I know, but, at Manchester United, do I really have a role? I ask myself this question and I do not have an answer,” he concluded.