Belgian champions Club Brugge are placing 24,000 QR codes around their stadium so any spectator can report racism and abuse via their smartphones as it happens.

Club Brugge’s in-house rules stipulate that racists will be given a two-year stadium ban.

Earlier this week, a local prosecutor concluded an investigation into racial abuse directed at Anderlecht coach Vincent Kompany during a league encounter without charging anyone.

However, Brugge will now install the QR-code system to combat racism in the stands.

They launched the project with the slogan ‘Not with us’. In total, 24,000 QR-codes will be placed around the stadium to allow fans to report incidents and the club to identify culprits.

The new system will also help stadium stewards who have specifically been tasked to track down racist behaviour. The system could be rolled out across the Belgian league if successful.

“We were well aware of the plans and are happy with them,” said new Pro League CEO Lorin Parys. “We are consulting Club Brugge about their experiences with the new system during the play-offs. With the Pro League, we constantly pick up good examples to share with other clubs, in order to stop this kind of behaviour in stadiums.” Lorin Parys concluded.