Juventus and Brazilian midfielder, Arthur Melo has described what it feels like playing with the record six-times ballon d’Or winner, Lionel Messi.

Born in Goiania, Brazil, Melo started his career with Grêmio, and won the Copa Libertadores in 2017. He signed for Barcelona for an initial fee of €31 million in 2018 before joining Italian giants, Juventus for around €60 million in 2020.

“Cristiano surprised me with how professional he is,” Melo told TNT Sports Brasil.

“He’s not a football player, he’s an athlete. He’s a professional because of all the work he does beforehand. Not on the field, which everyone sees, but off the field.

“He is a person who works, who eats well, and now takes in 15 minutes of sun each day. He is a professional and also a friendly person who tries to help.

“He is interested in the people around him. We used to sit together at the table with him. Sometimes he would look at our plate and tell us: ‘Not like that, eh’ he laughs. Melo concluded.

The former Barcelona midfielder described Messi as reserved and outgoing.

“Messi, it seems that God pointed his finger at him. He is an alien because, on the field, he does some incredible things,” he said.

“Watching their games at home, of course at home you can see the whole field. Inside the field you see just part of that and the ball, but Messi seems that he is looking at the entire field from above. He concluded.