English Championship side, Blackburn Rovers has become the first football club in the UK to host Eid prayers as 2,000 people celebrated on the pitch.

The six times FA Cup winners opened the gates around 08:30 BST at Ewood Park for Men and Women to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

“We live and breathe, one town, one club, one community. An event like this shows this better than anything else.

“It shows that we are all one, no matter who you are or what your identity is, the football club is somewhere where you belong.” Yasir Sufi, integration manager at the club said to BBC.

Muslims across Lancashire praise Blackburn for hosting the Eid prayers on the pitch.

Speaking with PA news agency, Ahmed Khalifa, a 37-year-old Sundanese said : “Eid for Muslims is something very special, gathering all the relatives together. This time, for us especially, we miss our relatives so much.

“So it was a very big deal for us to have this group of people. So happy to see all these people there.

“The people of Blackburn, they all seem like part of a community, but for me coming new to this city… now I’m feeling like a part of the community.” He said.