Manchester United interim coach, Ralf Rangnick said there will be “some changes” in the Red Devils dressing room next season.

Speaking ahead of Manchester United premier league game against Brighton, the outgoing manager said : “There will be some changes [next season] because there are quite a few players whose contracts are expiring,” Ralf adds.

“I’m positive that with the right new players to add to ours already here, the pathway could be a very positive one.”

Ralf Rangnick also responded to the comments made by Jesse Lingard’s brother calling it “classless” not to give the player a proper farewell at Old Trafford.

“To start with, I think in the last couple of weeks under my tenure he has played far more games than he used to before I came.

“Number two: on game day against Chelsea he contacted me in the hotel and asked me to release him from the game and to also release him from the training session the following day and two days after the Chelsea game for personal family reasons. And I also allowed him to do that.

“And this was the reason with only three subs, unfortunately , in the other leagues you have five subs. I had to take a decision between bringing on Edinson Cavani or Jesse Lingard, or even the young Alejandro Garnacho, whom I would have loved to have brought on and given a chance after going 3-0 up with 15 minutes to play.

“But I took the decision to bring on Edinson for the very reasons I just explained to you.