WNBA and Australian basketball star, Liz Cambage has been accused of telling opponents on team Nigeria to go back to their ‘Third World country’.

Former Team Australia captain, Jenna O’Hea, who appeared on ABC Sport in Australia, as the WNBA kicked off its season over the weekend confirmed the allegation. Saying “100 per cent correct”.

“This all started in that training game, or in the pre-Olympics game, when you played Nigeria,” ABC presenter, Underwood opened.

“And it’s never really emerged what happened, but I’ve had it confirmed from a few sources, is it correct that you were playing Nigeria and Liz Cambidge had her feathers ruffled and she turned to them and said ‘Go back to your third world country’.

“And, of course, Ezi Magbegor is originally Nigerian and a Nigerian who is now living in Australia and playing for your team, and as a result there was a brawl that erupted and since then you haven’t spoken to her?”

O’Hea responded: “That is all 100 per cent correct.”.

Cambage was born to a Nigerian dad and an Australian mom.

A member of the Nigerian Olympics Basketball team confirmed to OJBSPORT that Cambage said a lot of awful things to them.

“She said some other things too as well”.

The 30-year-old withdrew from the Australian women’s basketball team for the Tokyo Olympics soon after the incident, citing ongoing mental health concerns which could’ve been exacerbated by the Tokyo COVID-19 bubble.