NBA Africa head of basketball operations, Franck Traore says he is pleased to see his academy players showcase their talents at the world stage.

The Basketball Africa League unveiled ‘BAL Elevate’ this season – a new programme that drafted 12 NBA Academy Africa prospects to each of the 12 BAL teams for the league.

During the selection, BAL Elevate players from the same country as a BAL team were automatically appointed to that team. If there was more than one BAL Elevate player from the same country as a BAL team, the team selected one of the players while the remaining player(s) re-joined the player pool for the opportunity to be selected by a different team.

In an exclusive chat, Traore expressed how proud he was to see them play at the BAL.

“I am impressed with the players the way they carry themselves like they can be pros. Some of our NBA scouts say they look strong, healthy and it is obvious someone is teaching them how to play the game the right way.”

“I am excited to see Reuben Abuchi Chinyelu, Khaman Madit and all of them.

The NBA Academy Africa will play a game against Rwanda U-23 National Basketball team at the Kigali Arena on Friday May 27, 2022.

Traore continued: “We are looking forward to a great game on Friday it will be shown around the world and we want the world to know about us and what’s happening on the continent like there are great games in Africa and like we say “Africa Basketball is now”.