Rio Ferdinard and John Terry reignited their feud with a war of words on Twitter last night with Rio referencing John Terry racism case with Anton Ferdinard in 2011 – 2012.

The former England captain was accused of using racist language towards Ferdinand, brother of Rio, during a Premier League match between Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers in October 2011.

It is alleged that Terry called Anton Ferdinand a “f*cking black c***” after the two were embroiled in a heated verbal exchange.

Terry was caught on camera mouthing the words, but after the match, the former England captain stated that he said them in response after being accused of using them.

John Terry and Anton Ferdinard

Terry received a four-game ban and a £220,000 fine from the Football Association over the incident, although was cleared in July 2012 of racially abusing Ferdinand in court (Regina vs John Terry).

Terry maintained that he used the words as a form of sarcasm and that he was questioning what he thought had been an allegation of racism from Ferdinand; neither lip reader in the court case was able to “identify whether the statement was made as a question or in what type of voice it was said.” 

The old wounds were opened up after Terry took offense in Rio naming him as number five in his greatest Premier League defenders after putting himself first.

Rio Ferdinard responded in kind on his twitter page, saying:

‘@JohnTerry26 The moment one has to start pushing their own records and stats it’s really time to start addressing the fragile ego. 

‘You’re lucky I even put you in the top 5 after the racism case with my brother so be thankful you made it.’

The 41-year-old fired back: ‘A fragile Ego is putting yourself at Number 1. Thanks for putting me in your top 5.’ 

The Chelsea legend fired back with a post on his Instagram story showing his impressive statistics during his career, stating that ‘stats don’t lie’.

Aftermath of the Racism and Court case

Former West Ham and QPR defender Anton Ferdinand released a documentary in 2021 titled: “Anton Ferdinand: Football, Racism and Me” on the BBC, which explores his personal experiences with racism in professional football.

In the documentary, Anton Ferdinand spoke of the racist abuse he experienced from social media in the aftermath of the incident.

Because he was told not to comment on the incident in public, he was prevented from speaking out about racism in sport – something that he regrets to this day.

“I still carry a feeling of letting people down for not speaking up,” Ferdinand said in the documentary.

“I still feel guilt and it eats away at me more than anything and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

“At the time I was angry more than anything and I knew that because I was angry, if I spoke out about it then I would have become a stereotype of a young black man who fires from the hip and shouts his mouth off.”

Rio Ferdinard also reacted to the incident in the documentary saying he regrets not doing more about it instead of leaving it all to the lawyers.

“The incident was probably the catalyst for the downturn of his career,” Rio said in the documentary.

“Who knows how I would have reacted if at every stadium I went to people were making you feel like you were the instigator and aggressor in the situation when you were really the victim.

“Shouting obscenities all the time regarding the case so you can never get away from it.

“I was confused and disappointed with the way it unravelled and we never really spoke about it – I don’t know why we never did in depth.

“Everyone was saying, bar a few close friends, family, mum especially and dad, were telling us to say nothing – let the lawyers deal with it and let it go to court and it will be sorted out.

“And I feel guilty because all I kept thinking was – how is this happening to my brother? I should have spoken out but I just felt powerless.”

Rio and JT playing for England

The Chelsea legend was stripped of his England Captaincy during the course of the events and said he has made efforts to bury the hatchet claiming he tried to speak severally to Anton and Rio.

Terry told The Tmes: “It’s disappointing to read and hear that I’ve never reached out.

“I tried to phone Rio [Anton’s brother] and Anton on numerous occasions, literally the same night [as the game], the day after and that week after the incident.

“Then about three, four years ago I see Rio on the beach in Dubai, so I approached him and said, ‘Have you got five minutes? I’d like to talk to you.’ He was like, ‘I don’t want to talk to you, JT.’ I was prepared to address the issue.”

Ferdinard maintains he has never had a personal call from Terry.

“I never received a call personally from JT prior to the documentary or during the process,” he said.

“As I stated on the doc, the door is still open to have a conversation if he’s serious about racism in football and wanting to create positive change. Call me then JT?”