Rio Ferdinard told John Terry yesterday on twitter that he is lucky to be in his top 5 Premier League defenders of all time.

The Manchester United legend named John Terry as his fifth greatest Premier League defender in a show with Virgil vanDijk on BT Sport. He put himself, the Liverpool star,  Nemanja Vidic and Jaap Stam ahead of John Terry.

The former England Captain, Terry, took offence and ranted on his Instagram story on Thursday showing his impressive statistics during his career, stating that ‘Opinions are great but stats don’t lie’.

Rio Ferdinard, 43, earlier had a fallout with the Chelsea legend when Rio’s brother Anton Ferdinard accused John Terry of racially abusing him.

Ferdinand in response to JT’s Instagram story wrote on Twitter: “@JohnTerry26 The moment one has to start pushing their own records and stats it’s really time to start addressing the fragile ego. 

“You’re lucky I even put you in the top 5 after the racism case with my brother so be thankful you made it.”

Terry fired back: “A fragile Ego is putting yourself at Number 1. Thanks for putting me in your top 5.”

The 41-year-old posted a number of graphics showing statistics – including the number of times he made the World XI, captains with the most Premier League titles, highest number of clean sheets and his win percentage being higher than any other defender.

Liverpool center back, Virgil van Dijk ranked John Terry as 4th in his greatest Premier League defenders of all time. He ranked Ferdinard, Kompany, Stam ahead of the Chelsea Legend and fellow Liverpool man, Hyypia as fifth.