Arsenal midfielder, Thomas Partey has changed his name after converting to Islam.

The Ghanaian midfielder who recently got married to a Moroccan, Sara Bella who is also a Muslim, explained the reason behind his new name ins video shared by a Ghanaian journalist, Mana Aba.

“I am a Muslim, I have a girl I love, and I know some of my friends will leave me but no problem, I grew up with Muslims, I am already married and my name now is Yaqoub.”

In March 2022, the Muslim Athletes account on Instagram , which specializes in sports news, published a picture in which the 28-year-old appeared smiling while holding the Holy Qur’an next to a Muslim Sheikh, and captioned on it: “Thomas Partey converts to Islam, God bless my brother.”

The former Atletico Madrid midfielder will still be referred to as Partey when playing for Arsenal and keep Thomas as the name on the back of his shirt when in action.