Former Super Eagles midfielder, Onazi Ogenyi has said the Nigerian national team doesn’t have a structure, adding that there is a need for ‘value’ so that player can be ‘hungry’ to represent the country.

The former Super Eagles captain, speaking in an interview with Sportville said : “I think as a nation and as a federation we need to concentrate more on trying to stabilize our team.

“As we speak now, the national team doesn’t have a structure. I am talking about when Gernot Rohr was still in charge of the national team.

“You bring in people for the national team and you see a different set of people today and a different set tomorrow. The national team doesn’t have value. People just stroll into the national team and stroll out. We don’t have a symbol,” the 29-year-old added.

Onazi, who made 52 appearances for the Super Eagles since his debut in 2012, also blamed the local media for their role in contributing to the situation and putting pressure on the coaches to call different players at almost every time after a moment of brilliance at their club side.

“Someone will score two goals a week before an international game and journalists will begin to write about how the player is in form and they’ll invite him. He’ll come and will not do anything and then go back and you’ll never hear about that player again.

“We need to have a base. I am not saying you shouldn’t invite new players but you need to have a principle. This will make people hungry to play for national team.”

The Al-Adalah player was included in the Super Eagles standby list for WCQ games against Ghana. But didn’t make the final list that was knocked out of the World Cup by Ghana.

Picture : Getty Images.