Another WAFCON tournament, same Onome Ebi. Onome Ebi is the way every top player should be built.

There’s age like fine wine and then there’s age like Onome Ebi. Since turning 30, she has won three WAFCON titles, that is one-third of the total number of titles Nigeria has won. African Legend wouldn’t suffice, try Football Legend.

Her story is different from most footballers. Before the age of 30, most players are preparing to hang their boot. However, Onome is still bossing defence, making game winning tackles and swooping defense trembling 40 yards passes.

The most World Cup appearance by an African (five), seven WAFCON appearance, winning four and could make it five, over 100 caps for Nigeria. Onome Ebi is built like machine, she’s not slowing down, only recharging.

Captain fantastic is leading the Super Falcons to a possible African Women Cup of Nations la decima. Onome Ebi and WAFCON title is a love story for another day.

Respect, not every player can play till 39. Instead, some dominates the game like machines at 39.