When it comes to tracking Nigerian players across the globe whenever they are in action, there is none or few more beloved than EaglesTracker.

Nicknamed ‘Home of Nigerian Footballers’, the Canadian based media agency has taken it upon themselves to provide stats and performances of both Nigerian Men and Women involve with their clubs weekly. Tracking over 80 games involving Nigerians almost every weekend.

“So far, so good, the reception from the Nigerian fans has been great, Ayo Ogala said to OJBSPORT.

With social media being the new source of information to almost everyone, EaglesTracker is using the platform positively to inform sport lovers.

“They love the fact that Nigerian football is more accessible and being presented in a much more enjoyable format on social media.”

EaglesTracker also work with Athletes when it comes to branding. Guiding the Athletes reputation and projecting them to brands positively. This in return, provides opportunities for people to identify with the Athletes team and feel like they are a part of them.

“The reception from the players has been a mixed one really. While we’ve been able to gain the trust of many players, there are still many who don’t think there is value in branding or marketing themselves professionally.

“Most players have a team which consists of only their football agent. It’s not a big surprise though, as what we are doing is relatively new in the Nigerian Football or even the general Nigerian sports landscape.” Ayo added.

Former NBA superstar, Micheal Jordan who last laced up his high tops in 2003, has evolved into one of the most marketed sports figures in history. The 59-year-old realised how important it was as a young athlete to project his image to the outside world.

Seeing one of Nigeria’s legend, according to Ayo, who achieved everything during their playing days struggle to replicate or follow the direction of Micheal Jordan after their playing days, was one of the reason EaglesTracker came into existence.

“Without naming names, I watched first hand, the struggles of a Nigerian Football legend who anyone who reads this interview will know.

“Seeing how someone who achieved everything during their playing days could end up falling so far from glory was one of, if not the biggest motivation to start EaglesTracker.”

EaglesTracker have had their presence in football games in USA and Canada. The company has also successfully hosted two virtual football awards. An exclusive annual event that honors Nigerian footballers’ outstanding achievements throughout the year.

Some of EaglesTracker’s clients include ; Atletico Madrid Rasheedat Ajibade – The girl with the blue hair, Christy Ucheibe, Saviour Godwin, to mention a few

The media company also have an app where you can watch and download goals, highlights, exclusive interviews of Nigerian players and much more.