Former international, Sports Administrator, and Ex football caoch, David Doherty has picked up the Presidential form for the forthcoming Nigeria Football Federation, NFF elections.

The London-based enterprenuer and Team Nigeria UK Founder boasts unrivalled experience as a football administrator plus proven track records that make him a perfect choice for the job.

David, a former Concord FC of Abeokuta striker, said his decision to contest in the forthcoming election was influenced by the drive for change.

“Change from the analogue way of running football. Change from making the footballers who I call the real actors secondary and administrators primary. Change from always running to the Federal Government begging for fund when, in actual sense, football can run and fund itself. I can go on and on.

“It is not about condemning the present board. Whether you say this board has failed or didn’t fail is immaterial. It won’t change anything. It won’t add any value to the situation we find ourselves in.

“I am not in the race to condemn anyone. I’m in the race to provide solutions to the avalanche of problems bedeviling our football. I wish to state that my position is to improve or build on whatever has been done or achieved by this administration or to provide solutions and fix what has been ignored or left undone.” David added.

The screening of the candidates is fixed for Friday, 9th and Saturday, 10th September with the shortlist of successful candidates to be announced on the 12th by the electoral committee. Election is set to take place on Friday, 30th September in Benin city, Edo State.