There are many videos online teaching about how to play a corner kick but none will teach you how to score a corner kick directly like Douglas Luiz does.

For the third time this season, Douglas Luiz has scored directly from a corner kick, indeed he is nearing perfection.

The Brazilian scored a corner kick against Arsenal to make it 1-1 for Aston Villa before eventually suppressing to Arsenal to fall behind again.

However, when Douglas Luiz scored directly from a corner, Arsenal players contested the free kick claiming a foul on Aaron Ramsdale but their shouts were thrown in the bin.

If it was once, it may be called a fluke, but scoring three corners directly is something to write a dissertation on.

Against Walsall in pre-season, Luiz found the net directly from that position and then repeated the feat last week against Bolton in the EFL Cup.

Yet again, he has shown that there is playing a corner kick, and then there’s playing a corner like Douglas Luiz.