Hopes of David Doherty, the London-based entrepreneur, to become president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), appeared to have suffered a setback.

This comes as officials of the Lagos state football association (FA) refused to endorse him for the NFF presidential race.

It is understood that Doherty had already secured the endorsement of Plateau, Edo, and Anambra FAs respectively ahead of the much-awaited election.

But the UK-based businessman, who has obtained the NFF election forms, met a brick wall on Wednesday as the Lagos state FA officials did not accede to his request for endorsement.

There are also insinuations that the Lagos FA had given its support to another candidate.

As a prerequisite for contesting in the NFF presidential election, Doherty must secure the backing of Lagos, his home state.

The entrepreneur, a native of Surulere in Lagos, is a former Nigerian junior international and stakeholder.

He also founded Team Nigeria UK, a project that ensures that teenagers scouted in Nigeria are presented with the opportunity to combine education and sports of their choices in Europe and particularly in the UK.

Team Nigeria UK is also partners with the English Premier League (EPL) side Southampton for grooming teenagers in sports.