PSG and French forward, Kylian Mbappe, has played down claims that the whole ‘Pogba affair’ could affect his relationship with the Juventus midfielder.

Mathias Pogba, Paul Pogba’s elder brother in a video he released on social media, claiming Pogba paid a witch doctor to cast a spell on Mbappe.

Paul Pogba, who left Manchester United in the close season to return to former club Juventus, denies the accusation.

Asked if the whole Pogba affair could affect his relationship with him at the press conference ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League game between PSG and Pogba’s Juventus in Paris, Mbappé said ‘No’.

“No, right now I prefer to trust what my teammates are saying. He called me and gave me his version of events. Right now, it is his word against his brother’s word. I’m going to trust my teammate, and also, the interest of the National team.”

The World Cup winner said there is a big competition ahead for the Les Bleus’ and that’s all that matters to him and the team.

“We have a big competition up. There are certain problems at the moment and I am not going to add to those. I am quite detached from the whole issue.” Mbappe concluded.

Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus coach revealed that Pogba tried to train yesterday, Tuesday but things didn’t go as planned. The 29-year-old midfielder damaged his meniscus in training following his move back to Juventus from Manchester United.

“This morning he trained for the second time but then stopped and it was then decided that he undergo surgery. We will realistically get him back in January,” Allegri told reporters at the press conference.