A.C Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that he once turned down an opportunity to join Arsenal because Arsene Wenger wanted him to come for a trial.

The 40-year-old player who began his career at Malmo FF in 1999, said his infamous Arsenal trial in 2000 was a waste of time.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, Ibra said ; “I went to London for an appointment with Wenger, who asked me to audition for the Gunners. I told him ‘I will not do a trial: either you take me or not, I’m not here to waste time’,” the Swede recalls.

“I already had that kind of trust, because in my mind I was the strongest of all even when I was young. I met Wenger because I expected him to tell me to start with them right away. But Ibra does not test.” He said.

Zlatan has always seen himself as the best. He said that he watched other legends when he was a youngster but deep down in his mind he always wanted to become better than them.

“When I was young, in my mind no one was better than me,” he said. “I watched Ronaldo, Romario and Baggio on TV and I had one goal: I wanted to show that I was the best.”

Zlatan’s football career is an enviable one, with trophy triumphs taken in while gracing Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French and English football. There was a time when it was taken for granted that Ibrahimovic would end any given campaign with a title winners’ medal around his neck.

He has 12 league titles to his name. That is a quite remarkable achievement, only Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs can boast of more, 13.