Fayza Lamari, Mbappé’s mother says she’s happy with the man the PSG forward has become.

The French International and his mother, Fayza Lamari, attended an event organised by his foundation, Inspired by KM, on Wednesday in Nîmes.

Mbappe spent his Wednesday helping and speaking with the needy children contrary to initial reports that he will be attending a bullfight with Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Keylor Navas in Madrid’s famed Las Ventas arena.

The bullfight is a part of the celebrations for Spain’s national day, featuring Alejandro Talavante, Andrés Roca Rey, and Francisco de Manuel taking on the bulls.

Speaking to the media at the Kylian Mbappe foundation (KM) yesterday, Mbappé’s mother, Fayza Lamari said ; “When he becomes a world champion, as a former sportswoman, I am indeed happy, but what I am most proud of is the man he has become. The time is not over. He still has time to grow as a person, but today I am proud of him, of course.”

Mbappe, speaking at the event ; “In life, there are not only easy things. Otherwise, it would be too easy. But the children must continue to hold on.

“You have to help them, give them the right messages, and the right ingredients, and guide them. They are the ones who will achieve their dreams.” He concluded.