Rivers Hoopers have been handed an invite for the NBBF Final 8 scheduled to take place from November 7-13 in Lagos.

In a letter signed on behalf of the Nigeria Basketball Federation by Peter Njoku, the NBBF Secretary General, the federation says it “has concluded arrangements to complete the abridged 2021 Premier Basketball Men’s League Season.”

The eight teams invited for the Playoffs are; Atlantic Conference champions Rivers Hoopers, Kwara Falcons, Police Batons and Lagos Islanders.

While Savannah Conference Champions Kano Pillars, Gombe Bulls, Nigeria Customs and Benue Braves complete the list.

The KingsMen had won the final 8 organised by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) about a year ago but were ineligible to compete at the 2022 Basketball Africa League after FIBA’s refusal to recognise the FMYSD version of the Final 8 tournament.

The champions of the 2022 NBBF final 8 will represent Nigeria at the 2023 Basketball Africa League.

Meanwhile, Rivers Hoopers will participate at the Sam Oguche/Bullet Energy Championship which will take place from November 1-6 in Lagos.

The invitational tournament will serve as a dress rehearsal for the NBBF Final 8 playoffs.

Rivers Hoopers who are favourites to win the tournament will battle Hot Coal Abuja, Nile University Abuja, Mo Heats Abuja, Correctional Services Abuja, Ebun Comets, Legends Lagos, Kwara Falcons, DYTO Lome, Togo,Warlords Ogun, Delta Force and Grizzly Bear.