Former Brazil striker, Adriano Ribeiro and his wife, Micaela Mesquita, reportedly split after 24 days of marriage.

The couple was at odds after Ribeiro “disappeared for two days to watch the World Cup” in his native Vila Cruzeiro, a district of Rio de Janeiro, according to DailyMail, per Extra.

Adriano, 40, is said to have spent two days in Vila Cruzeiro, where he went to watch the match between Brazil and Switzerland, before returning home to 25-year-old Mesquita.

The pair allegedly pulled the plug on a pre-planned celebration with family and friends over the weekend following the split. 

Meanwhile, Mesquita, who is a hairdresser, appears to have deleted all of her Instagram photos with the former Inter Milan star. They are believed to have navigated breakups and reunions five other times.

Ribeiro and Mesquita tied the knot early last month when they posed for selfies together holding what appeared to be a marriage certificate.

Ribeiro retired from soccer in 2016, just a few months after he signed a contract with Miami United of the National Premier Soccer League.

In an essay for “The Players’ Tribune,” in May of 2011, Ribeiro wrote about his struggles with alcohol — and said the game was never the same after his father, Almir Leite Ribeiro, died of a heart attack in 2004.

Adriano led Brazil to the 2004 Copa América, receiving the Golden Boot as the competition’s leading scorer with seven goals in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source : NeyYork Post