Netherlands head coach, Louis Van Gaal, at the press conference ahead of their quarterfinal game against Argentina has apologised to his former player, Angel Di Maria.

The Netherlands and Argentina will meet on Friday in a World Cup quarterfinal, bringing Di María and Van Gaal back together.

Ángel Di María took a swipe at Louis van Gaal last year. He struggled at Old Trafford, which he blamed on the Dutch manager during his time at Old Trafford.

“My problem at Manchester was the coach,” Di María said. “Van Gaal was the worst of my career. I would score, assist, and the next day he would show me my misplaced passes.” Di Maria said to TYC SPORTS.

Quizzed about Di María’s comments at the pre-game press conference, with another of his former Manchester United players (Memphis Depay) sitting alongside him, Van Gaal got his point across.

“I am very sorry that Ángel Di María once said that I am the worst coach he has ever had,” Van Gaal began.

“Here next to me sits Memphis [Depay]. He was also at Manchester [United]. And now we kiss on the mouth.”

Laughter ensued as Depay wagged his finger at his coach, then pounded the table as he broke out in laughter of his own.

“People are laughing now, but I also passed Memphis for the [FA Cup] final. That’s not fun, but believe me: a trainer doesn’t do that without a reason,” the manager continued.

“Maybe it was the wrong decision. Look how we treat each other now. He doesn’t want a kiss on the mouth, a pity, but also nice.”