Brazil forward Neymar Jr who is known for his technical skills and Joga Bonito has revealed five current players who have more technical skills than him.

Speaking to Oh My Goal, Neymar showed the confidence he has in his own ability by claiming that he is one of the most technical players in world football today.

When asked the question about players who are more technical than him, Neymar responded: “More technical than me?! Well, more than me…

“I don’t know if I can answer that, with all the humility in the world I consider myself one of the most technical players in football today.

“But I would say Messi. A player that I’d like to play again with today, clearly it’s Messi because he’s number one, the greatest of all. Every club, every player loves him. Everyone wants to play with him.

“I would say Messi, [Eden] Hazard, [Kevin] De Bruyne and [Marco] Verratti. I’m missing one, right? More technical than me… Thiago.”