Argentina captain, Lionel Messi, has been offered $1 million for the bisht he wore while lifting the World Cup on Sunday in Qatar.

The bisht, which symbolises wealth and royalty in Arab nations, was placed on the 35-year-old forward as je lifts the much coveted trophy.

Ahmed Al Barwani, a lawyer and member of parliament in Oman, has offered the PSG forward a huge cash sum to ensure it stays in the Middle East.

He posted on his Twitter feed: “From the Sultanate of Oman I congratulate you for winning the World Cup Qatar 2022…

“The Arabic bisht, a symbol of chivalry and wisdom. I’m offering you a million dollars (£829,000) in return for that bisht.”

Speaking to Esquire Middle East Arabic, Qatar-based tailor Muhammad Abdullah Al-Salem who made the robe said, “at first, we were not aware when we were asked to design this bisht that it was for the World Cup champion, and we were surprised at the opening ceremony that the bisht that Messi wore was from our store, and I felt proud when my knowledge is that our store was the first choice of officials to manufacture this bisht to be worn by the World Cup star by the Emir of the State, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.”