Super Eagles forward, Victor Osimhen has revealed the reason he shields his personal life from the media after dedicating a hat-trick to his daughter in Napoli’s win over Sassuolo.

Despite his ruthlessness on the pitch and active use of social media, Osimhen doesn’t mention his private life in the media.

In an interview with an Il Mattino, Osimhen revealed the name of his daughter and reason for his actions and inactions.

“There is always someone who is ready to criticize, to pour out hatred, to insult,” Osimhen said. “As long as they do it with me, it’s part of the game, you can even ignore it. 

“But I could never accept that someone could use abusive words towards my daughter or any of my family members. I don’t want to suffer these attacks on my affections, that’s why I defend my family’s privacy from the attacks of those who hate and are capable of writing horrible things on social media. 

“I keep my private life to myself because it is not available to anyone.”