The duo of Olatunji Oalekan Mayowa, Nigerian, and Salem Ahmed Baobaid, United Arab Emirates, have acquired a division four club in the southern part of France, FC Sete 34.

Founded in 1914, the club has won the French league title twice (in 1934 and 1939) and the French cup also twice (1930 and 1934). Les dauphins became the first club to win the French league and cup double in 1934.

Due to some financial difficulties, the two time French league champions are currently playing in The Championnat National 2, The league serves as the fourth tier of the French football league system behind Ligue 1, Ligue 2, and the Championnat National.

The current president of FC Sete, Yoni Ragioneri, in an interview with Midi Libre, formalized the takeover of FC Sète by the duo of investors from Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. Ragioneri said he is delighted, because there was a need for money and the sums injected in the club, according to him, change things.

“Football requires a lot of money and you can’t rely only on communities. The town hall and the agglo helped us as much as possible, we also have to return a few sponsors, but we could not continue like that.

“Without investors, we couldn’t have finished the season but it would have been over afterwards. The numbers remain private. But I can say that they will inject a lot of money and that it will really change everyday life,” he said.

According to an exclusive information provided to OJBSPORT, Laurent Dechaux is about to become the club’s new general manager.

Picture credit : SETE FC TWITTER