Noël Le Graët has reportedly resigned from his position as the president of the French Football Association (FA), according to RMC Sport.

This happened during the executive board committee meeting held earlier today, and the other members of the committee have accepted his resignation.

Le Graët had already stepped back from his duties in January after making dismissive comments about Zinédine Zidane’s chances of becoming the France manager. At the time, he was also awaiting the conclusions of an audit into the organization.

The results of the government-mandated audit were released two weeks ago and have accused Le Graët of multiple instances of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, which he denies.

Despite this, he briefly resumed his role as president during the meeting, which was also set to discuss the future of France women’s manager, Corinne Diacre.

However, after just forty minutes, Le Graët announced his resignation. He had been the head of the FFF since 2011 and was set to complete his fourth term in 2024.

Fédération française de football (FFF) Vice President, Philippe Diallo will remain interim president of the French FA until the organisation’s federal assembly in June. (RMC)