Coach Bosso discussed the preparations of the Flying Eagles for the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Indonesia.

After a match, he had a productive discussion with the president and some board members in Egypt.

“Since after that Matchday, we had a fruitful discussion with the president himself and some of the board members here in Egypt on the from all indications,”

The observations made in the match were accurate, and he needs to communicate with people in Abuja for assistance in ensuring players’ accurate date of birth and documentation before inviting them to the team.

“I think all the observations made in that match were very factual.

They are looking for players to improve the finishing aspect, and he has contacted some colleagues in Nigeria and abroad to consider players who came from Europe.

“And it’s why I have to communicate people in Abuja people that believe can help a bit of assistance like the LMC that as players, I’ve seen, I’ve heard about them and I want first of all to get to ensure that their date of birth or documentation is is accurate before inviting them.”

“We know very few areas that we have to look for players, particularly finishing the finishing aspect, doesn’t mean that the players that are here, get it outrightly wrong, but sometimes confidence, maturity and things like that and the determination to go forward,” Bosso added.

Some players had expired passports, making it impossible for them to be part of the team, but he believes they will resolve any issues before entering camp for preparation.

“I have communicated people in the L M C, gave them the names of some players for them to ascertain their level of uh qualification in terms of accreditation, have contacted some of my colleagues in Nigeria and if within and outside Nigeria, uh there are some few players that came from Europe that time, precisely the boy that came from Arsenal and things like that,

“I think they are good to be part of the team on the basis that the criticism is not accurate because some of them came from abroad with expired passport.

“So there was no way we can be, they can be part of the team because within that short period, they’re gonna be giving visa if you have less than six months for the expiration of a passport.So these are some of the shortcomings I’ve faced

“I think between that time and now and between whenwe enter camp or the work of preparation. I think they will get their house together, we’ll put our houses together.

Coach Bosso appreciates everyone who has supported the team, and they are making small amendments to achieve the expected standard for the World Cup.

“Just have to appreciate everybody, particularly a mentor of mine called me after the qualification, said everybody’s praising the team despite what is happening, but then use the last two matches to prepare your World Cup team.

“And you can see from the last match against Gambia that you play better.

“Everybody will see that you know that yes, with small amendment that is standard we expect in the World Cup,” Bosso concluded.