Chelsea and Real Madrid have earned their places in FIFA’s upcoming Club World Cup in 2025, which will feature 32 teams including four African teams.

The tournament access list has been approved by the Council, with Europe receiving 12 spots. The first four spots will go to the winners of the Champions League for each of the four years leading up to 2025, with Chelsea and Real Madrid having won in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

The remaining eight spots will be awarded based on a club ranking system over the four-year period prior to the finals.

Manchester City and Liverpool, currently ranked second and third in the UEFA club coefficient rankings, may have a good chance of qualifying.

However, each country will be limited to two clubs, except for those with more than two Champions League winners.

In addition, FIFA is planning to hold an annual club competition from 2024, in which the Champions League winners will play against the team that emerges from play-offs between continental champions from the other five confederations at a neutral venue.

FIFA has also announced that Al Ahly and Wydad will be among the four African teams participating in the Club World Cup in 2025, alongside the champions of this year and next year’s CAF Champions League.