Nigeria’s national football team, the Super Eagles, has been struggling under new management, losing six out of eight matches. The team’s lackluster performances have drawn criticism from fans and football experts alike.

In response, the President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Ibrahim Gusau, has announced new criteria for donning the national team’s jersey.

According to Gusau, dedication, body language, and output will be the primary considerations for selecting players for the national team. He emphasized the importance of total commitment, which should be evident in players’ body language and output on the field.

The announcement comes as the Super Eagles and Olympic Eagles continue their matches against Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, respectively. Nigeria’s U-23 team’s match against Guinea ended in a scoreless tie, while the Super Eagles lost 1-0 to Guinea-Bissau.

The new criteria for national team selection is aimed at improving the team’s performance and addressing concerns about their lack of grit compared to other African teams. The President urged players to give their all and deliver for their country.

“Total commitment that we can see in your body language and output will now be a key factor in who wears Nigeria’s jerseys. If some players are not ready to give their all at a particular time, others will be and will deliver for our country.”he said.

As Nigeria prepares to take on Guinea-Bissau in their next match, all eyes will be on the Super Eagles to see if the new criteria for selection will have an impact on their performance.