Ahmed Musa, the captain of Nigeria’s national football team, has pledged to give 500,000 Naira to the country’s U-17 Golden Eaglets for every goal they score in the upcoming Africa U-17 Cup of Nations in Algeria.

Musa encouraged the young players to work hard, listen to their coaches, and make the most of the opportunity presented to them.

He also expressed his regret at never having played for the Golden Eaglets himself, but encouraged the players to establish a reputation for themselves and their families while preserving Nigerian football’s unique culture.

Musa said, “You have to work hard. Listen and obey your coaches if you want to succeed at this stage of your football. Sometimes, I regret that I never played for the Golden Eaglets. You have to make use of this opportunity. You are not the best in Nigeria. Many players out there are better than you. The only difference is that you have the opportunity.

“So, you have to work hard. Pray a lot and be determined to make a name for Nigeria and also for yourselves and your families. Do not miss this great opportunity. I was only given five minutes in my debut game for the Super Eagles, but today I am the captain of the team. I never thought I would someday be the captain of the Super Eagles.

“I promise and I assure you that you will be rewarded with N500,000.00 for every goal scored at the U17 AFCON in Algeria next month. Remember to always play as a team. If you are a defender, play with your mates, same for you that is a midfielder. Do not be selfish as a striker.”

He also emphasized the importance of playing as a team and making Nigerians proud.

“Promise me that you will make Nigerians proud. Football is the only thing that unites our country. Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian does not matter in football. Winning is what Nigerians are looking forward to.

“So, go to Algeria, conquer and give Nigerians joy,” he said.

The U-17 Africa Cup of Nations is set to take place in Algerian cities from April 29 to May 15.